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  • Service
    We have several advanced R&D centers and innovative designing teams for different kinds of machinery and production lines on Low-Carbon Building Materials.
    Our company always keeps pace with time, constantly absorbing domestic and overseas advanced technology, communicating and cooperating with the experts in relative fields.
    Customized Design
    We can design tailor-made production lines to meet different customized requirements.
    Our teams specialize in mechanical design, electric design, process design, formula design, workshop and plant design, and etc.

    Speciality and Responsibility
    More than 18 years experience in mechanical manufacture
    Equipped with advanced machinery and equipments
    Excellent senior technicians with professional training.
    Skill and responsible workers in the factories.
    Quality Control
    We have independent QC departments both in the company and factories which strictly control the quality of each process to enable our production lines to reach Chinese National Standards, even International Standards, if necessary.
    International Certificate
    Main production lines from HiSuccess International have gotten necessary international Certificates.

    Inspected by the Sellers
    After completing the manufacturing and assembling of the equipments, we will test the machines and commissioning in the workshop.
    Inspected by the Buyers
    After confirmation of a sound work of the line, we will invite our customer to send their representatives to inspect the production lines in our factories.
    Inspected by Third Party
    If necessary, we could request an international inspection organization to make further inspection.

    Our company has plenty of excellent technicians who have experienced many big projects abroad, and achieved success. Therefore, from the foundation to commissioning, they are competent to instruct the customers how to construct the foundation and build the workshop, and to associate them to complete the work of installation and commissioning.

    We also can send experienced engineers to instruct the customers to take the test production in customers’ workshop, if necessary.

    Training in China
    The customer can send their engineers to China to get training in our downstream factories.
    Training in Customer's Workshop
    With the commissioning and test production in customer’s workshop, our engineers can train customer’s engineers and workers on the site.

    Technical Support
    Fully providing technology supports both within and after the warranty period. Feeding back to our customers at first time.
    Spare Parts
    Promptly providing spare parts and wearing parts.

    Improvement of technology and technique
    Upgrade of machinery and equipments

    Turn-key Project
    To set up the factory from A to Z according to the customer’s requirements.
    Raw Materials
    Supply of raw materials made in China with good quality, quick delivery and reasonable price.
    Product Catalog